Retro Rockets

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Basic Info

Developer: Emissive Games

Publisher: Emissive Games

Release Date: T.B.A.


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Facebook: @PlayRetroRockets

Twitter: @PlayRetroRocket



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Platforms: T.B.A.

Stores: T.B.A.

Price: T.B.A.

Press Contact

Rick Meeuwes


About the game


Stab or zap! Friday the 13th meets Alien Isolation with a scoop of the 70’s. Retro Rockets is a retro-future action hide and seek multiplayer game. Work together as the Retronauts or hunt them down as Destructo. Retronauts will have to work together and use their tools, while Destructo can use its skills to sabotage the life support systems. Soon those pesky Retronauts will be gasping for air! Destructo has to be adaptive, though. Killed Retronaut players will return as a Securobot, dispensing quad barreled safety at 400 rounds per minute!





  • 3 vs 1 Multiplayer
  • 70’s Retro future inspired
  • Action Hide and Seek
  • A standoff between Retronauts and Destructo and Securobots
  • Claim revenge as a securobot
  • Adapt your playstyle in an ever changing game balance
  • As Destructo, use sabotage to your advantage
  • A tension rising adaptive soundtrack
  • Crafted using Unreal Engine 4
  • Currently in pre-alpha stage
  • Keyboard and gamepad support for XInput compatible devices on Windows


Dennis Dellemann

  • Art director, animations, programming

Dennis Dellemann graduated at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda in 2015. After some time of doing freelance work he decided to start Emissive Games. He is responsible for the animations and programming within Retro Rockets. He leads Emissive Games together with Rick Meeuwes.

Rick Meeuwes

  • Creative director, game design, programming

Rick Meeuwes is the designing force behind Retro Rockets. He is also an alumni of NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. With his technical background he is able to take an idea and work it out to a game ready mechanic.

Other Collaborators

Astrid van der Wijst - Environment Artist

Heiko Allis - Character Artist

Sjoerd Limberger - Composer, Sound Designer


Emissive Games

  • Breda, the Netherlands

Emissive Games is a young Dutch game development studio. We strive to create well crafted, atmospheric and engaging games.



In-game shots